Choosing Exterior House Paint Colors

By: Linda Clark

exterior house color sheme Your home should be your masterpiece, something that you are proud to show off, and where you love to be; to reflect that the perfect paint colors make it very possible to be quite happy and show off your creativity, as well as the style of your home.

When you are selecting the perfect exterior house colors, you should look around at your neighbors. Most people do not want their home to stick out. For example, if everyone in the neighborhood has a yellow or blue house you might want to reconsider selecting red color exterior house paint. Others however love to be the person to be noticed first, so select carefully to make sure you are portraying the image you desire.

When selecting color schemes for exterior house paint remember to look at your home carefully, the style will often determine how many colors you will need to select. If you have a home with wainscoating, trim, and shutters, you will need to select the appropriate color to paint wainscoating, trim, and shutters. One idea that many homeowners have used successfully is to select one color, and select trim colors in the same family but a different shade of the primary color.

Many homeowners often overlook their roof when selecting the perfect color exterior paint and that can be a costly and potentially embarrassing mistake. You want to ensure that your roof color and paint colors flow into a beautiful exterior house design. You should also remember that when dealing with the major surfaces of your home that a light color will make your home look even lighter. This may require you to rethink your shade selection and opt for a darker color exterior paint.

It is also a good idea when selecting exterior paint colors to choose colors that compliment each other, and possibly even those that are in the same color family. You should also consider painting a small area of your home before you paint the entire home, so you can be sure you are completely satisfied with your selected color scheme.

Color Style Studio

Wouldn’t it be great to preview color combinations on your house, before spending a lot of money on paint? You can, with a virtual painting program called Color Style Studio. Just point and click to see rooms, furnishings, and house exteriors in so many different colors. Use this program to explore possibilities, then test spot your chosen paints in a small area. Visit the home page of this software for more information.

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